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PAL Robotics launches humanoid service robot REEM
March 2011
During one of the largest trade shows in Abu Dhabi at the United Arab Emirates, PAL Robotics, a company focused on humanoid robots research and design, presented its commercial robot REEM. REEM was at the event assisting visitors, providing various sorts of useful information, guiding people to stands and key locations in the venue, or just entertaining them. The pilot project at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre proved to be a success and the team of PAL Robotics is planning to show REEM's capabilities at other events in the near future. Besides offering visitor assistance during trade shows, REEM has great applications at other public spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, museums, airports or hospitals.
PAL Robotics is a robotics company focused on the research & development and commercialization of humanoid robots. Its latest prototype REEM is 1.65m in height, and has a mobile base that enables the robot to move at 5km/hour. The advanced capabilities of REEM include a motorised head with vision, face tracking and recognition functions. Furthermore, the robot contains sensors and a multimedia touch screen that can offer information in various formats, as well as the ability to speak to a help desk attendant via video conference. It has a small platform, which can be used to transport objects (e.g. a trolley) and contains a lithium battery that lasts up to eight hours, allowing the robot to move around autonomously without the need of cables or human assistance.

"Besides the fact that our current model REEM can perform a variety of tasks and acts as a human assistant in a variety of environments, it is also modular", said Francesco Ferro, the CEO of PAL Robotics while announcing REEM's commercial launch. "Its modularity makes it an excellent robotic technological platform, from which a variety of other robots can be developed".

REEM is a humanoid robot, equipped with an autonomous navigation system, a touch screen, and is capable of roaming through any kind of surroundings. It can be used as a guide, an entertainer, a logistical tool and has many other applications, while its touch screen can be used for a variety of multimedia applications, e.g. to display a map of the surrounding area, display a variety of information, and for tele-assistance. The robot is customizable and can be adapted to the needs of the customer.

PAL Robotics

PAL Robotics is a company dedicated to the Research & Development of humanoid robots and robotic components, with a multi-national team, mostly engineers in the fields of mechanics, electronics and software, based in Barcelona. PAL Robotics forms part of the PAL Group, based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The origin of the company goes back to 2004, when four engineers started to develop their first humanoid robot REEM-A, able to walk and play chess. After REEM-A the company developed a second biped humanoid robot called REEM-B, which received worldwide recognition as one of the most advanced humanoid robots. PAL Robotics is now launching their first commercial product, REEM.

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